Friday, September 10, 2010

The Friday Five (plus new Etsy listings) - September 10, 2010

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1. What is the field nearest your home like?

There's a playground/field that's down the road a bit. It's newly renovated but the renovations took almost two years and nobody is entirely sure why.  There are giant tennis courts, a lot of swings, and speed bumps that are too tall and that scrape the bottom of your car.

2. How did you get into the professional field you’re in? If you’re not working, what field are you most likely to find yourself in some day?

When I was in fourth grade, Mrs. Bean told us to write poems. I thought, I really like this writing gig. And I never looked back.

3. What’s the most interesting sight within your current field of vision?

My cat Mikko is curled up on the floor in front of me but he's not fully relaxed. A dog was barking just outside our door and so his ears are perked up and he's looking in that direction trying to decide if it's worth getting upset over or not. He's a very laid-back cat so I think he's decided he doesn't care.

4. Where were you the last time you fielded questions from several people in turn?

Today. There was a parent social at my kid's school, with coffee and bagels, and I wound up talking to a few other moms and dads and answering questions like "What's your child's name?" and "Which class is s/he in?" (I had planned on making a smoothie this morning but the coffee/bagels replaced it.)

5. How are you feeling right now?

Antsy. It's the Friday before a long no-preschool week. I'm looking forward to the weekend though - plans include half-price day at a consignment sale, an in-store with a local band (Oryx + Crake) I've become friendly with via Twitter, and the King of Pops. Of course my plans never really work out the way I want them to - I have what I call the calendar curse. If I write it on the calendar, odds are good it won't happen. But cross your fingers!

New listings in the Etsy store:

Interchangeable magnet necklace with flowers
Pocket mirror with vintage bluebird art

Also, not my Etsy listing, but my friend Marissa's - one of the best zines I've read in YEARS (and seriously, I'm not just saying that because she's my friend - go grab one ASAP!). It's an old school cut&paste look at her trip to San Francisco - visually adorable and wonderful with a fabulously written travelogue:

Marissa's zine Miss Sequential #3

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