Thursday, September 16, 2010

America's Got Talent final thoughts plus I Love Groupon - September 16, 2010

Here's my final thoughts on this year's America's Got Talent Finale - pbbbbpbbbhhhtttt. Not a fan of how it all came out at all. Another singer wins (talented, but NOT a Vegas act). Ho hum. I didn't think Prince Poppycock would win, but I still was wishing... (I just read on a message board that he was supposed to perform a David Bowie song instead of the opera, and it fell through. If that is true, and he had gotten to do another pop song, would he have ranked higher?) I still hope the tour lineup is good...

Today's Groupon deal is $12 for $25 at Noodle in both Decatur, GA, and Atlanta, GA. I love Noodle - big bowls of warm, yummy noodles with delicious sauce and fresh veggies. They're extremely vegetarian friendly but also great for meat eaters. Check it out.

I had a whole CVS run planned, and I was going to get freebies and make a bit of money (in Extrabucks currency), and then I found out that some of the coupons I had planned to use weren't for the size product that was on sale. That raised what my out of pocket (OOP) cost would've been, and I didn't need any of the things I was going to get, so I skipped it. So different from how I approached CVS a year ago, when I didn't care what I got as long as it was free! My stockpile is overflowing now, though, and my time is limited, so I have to choose my deals more carefully.

It's tricky finding time to blog while my kid is out of school... Staycation activity for today is lunch with friends and possibly an afternoon snack of New Orleans-style snoballs with different friends. Tomorrow we're supposed to go to the children's museum - I hope it works out!

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  1. I bought not one but TWO of the Noodle Groupons. We love that place!

    I'm thrifty but you really inspire me with your deal getting. You need to write a manual!

    Katy at..