Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ugly Pictures, Cool Clothes - Thrifting Post! - May 31, 2014

First: If you are reading this post on Livejournal DO NOT COMMENT ON THE LIVEJOURNAL FEED. I don't ever see it. Comment on my actual blog by clicking through! I love comments! Lots of comments! Hooray!

Second: So. This is quite possibly my ugliest batch of photos ever, but I am too lazy to re-take them all in nice, posed shots with good lighting and angles and...well, you know. I just wanted to get these up quickly.

Yesterday was my last hurrah before the kid goes to camp this summer - her last day of kindergarten was Thursday (yeehaw! despite her cerebral palsy - or perhaps because of it! - she tested ahead of her grade level for reading. Also she says full sentences now, which is fabulous.) so I ran off to do a quick thrifting trip with my friend and then my kid and husband joined me and my friend for dinner.

We only went to one store - the awesome help-the-animals store. Apparently the shirts were all $1.50. The mug was 50 cents and the kid clothes were nearly all 50 cents, but I splurged like whoa on two "specially priced" pieces. Scroll by or don't - these pictures are dreadful but I didn't get much that was exciting either. I just like to have a record of what I've bought.

I really got a kick out of how the way I took this picture made it look like the mug was glowing. Ahhhhh, the choir sings, it's the holy grail. I just liked that it had a funky shape - it will likely be vinyled and sold.

Paper Denim and Cloth jeans - my second thrifted pair (the others are turquoise and were from Goodwill so cost way more). $2. I like how they fit.

So I guess Jack Wills is a thing in England, and my exhaustive research (read: one Swagbucks* search) tells me that this shirt likely cost around $40 new. Nice.

See how bad these pictures are? SO BAD. This is a cute cardigan-shrug that I will wear with dresses, I'm sure. I will. Really. I think this might have also been $2.

Cover your eyes. It's...a picture of a blob! It's a black, long-sleeved T-shirt because I need 100 of these. I think it's Old Navy.

Gray T-shirt! THRILLING!

Purple T-shirt! EXCITING!

Old Navy 3/4 sleeve shirt. I liked the buttons, wasn't 100% sure about the rest, bought it anyway.

Hideous picture of what is actually a lovely Converse One Star T-shirt. It's not neon, it doesn't glow, it doesn't hurt your eyes. I just am terrible at taking pictures.

It's actually a brown shirt. Oh I am so sorry to hurt your eyes like this.

Red waffle shirt from Old Navy. Smushy!

I don't even know what is going on here. I think this shirt is really blue. It's cute. I swear.

WHAT? It's another black shirt. And this picture makes it look like it's made of satin or velour or something. It's just cotton. I promise.

This blue 3/4 sleeve Old Navy shirt was in my maybe pile and then I bought it. It's fine.

Two pairs of denim capris for the kid that may or may not fit her skinny booty. One was 50 cents, I think? One was definitely $2 because it's Gap and that made it...pricier for some reason.

And these Gymboree jeans for her were also "special" and so a dollar.

Because she is.

This one has a weensy hole in the top left that makes me think it was a Value Village shirt first. It will likely be a spare in-the-backpack shirt or something.

It's just a plain shirt for the kid. I didn't notice it had a small pull on the top...but at 50 cents, with her being such a mess, whatever.

This terrrrrrible picture of a brown T-shirt shrugs goodbye to you. Then it hops away like a kangaroo. 
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Thrifting Post - 50 Cent Day Edition - May 20, 2014

Every month, the newly discovered thrift store clears out things from the previous month or two and marks it all down to 50 cents. Bam. Boom. Pow. 50 cents. Clothing and also some random pillow cases and things. Only other woman was shopping when I was in the store, and there was no competition between us. I just grabbed everything that looked cute and tried it all on, then culled it to these 11 things. I paid less than $6 total for all of this - even at the thrift store's regular prices I would've spent around $70 (well, I wouldn't have but you know what I mean).

City shirt!

New with tags Dockers skirt. Price tag says $40. It's so cute too - soft, dark blue corduroy.

Express skirt

I am probably going to resell this Guster shirt. I knew the band when they were Gus!

Jordache jeans for the kid.

Levi's shirt.

Terrrrrible picture of way cute black Ann Taylor Loft button down shirt.

FAVORITE. It's a NY&Co. skirt and I loooooove it.

Plain boring but cute Old Navy waffle shirt.

How could I resist a Piggly Wiggly shirt???? (The back says something about Piggly Wiggly too.)

White Stag skirt - I guess that's the evil empire's house brand? It's cute for 50 cents.
Taaaadaaaah! And yes, I'm still working on that crafty post. I just have to finish a few things around here first.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mini Thrift Haul - May 12, 2014

$8.50 for all of it
There are two new-ish thrift stores I've discovered, and dangerously they are both walking distance from my house. I haven't posted everything I've bought (honestly, it's not THAT much) but here's today's smallish haul. The Hello Kitty sweatshirt was there every week, and every week I'd say "I don't need it for $5" - but this week it was half price, so I grabbed it. (Next week they're doing a monthly 50 cent sale but I decided not to take a chance - I don't even know if it would be considered a 50 cent item anyway.) It has Hello Kitty's ears and bow on the hood...I just couldn't deal with how cute it was. The pink HK shirt for the kid was a dollar (also half price). If you squint, you can see a white plate in the upper left that was a quarter - I have crafty plans for it. Upper right was my weirdest yet best score - an unopened container of polycrylic semi-gloss sealer for $3. If you scroll back to my craft corner updates, you'll see that I had some unfinished wood drawers given to me by a neighbor that I have since stained. It still needed something, but I wasn't sure what - until now! And finally, Container Store drawer dividers for 50 cents per unopened package (one is marked $6.99). Part of my organizing plans!

Coming soon: A post about my latest crafty projects!