Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sorry Not Sorry: The Thrifting Posts Continue! - July 22, 2014

First: A SHOUT OUT to my new friends. You know who you are. Whee! SHOUTY!

So I thought for sure that 50 cent day was last week, but no. The store's calendar said yes, but the staff said that it was this week. Last week I bought one thing - some dividers for drawers from the Container Store for $2. This week I bought....many things.

(Not shown: I bought two cardboard storage boxes with handles to corral more of the overwhelming paper mess in my house. I'm going to cover them with cute paper. Probably. Maybe.)

All the clothing cost 50 cents per piece. (The store does a monthly clean out where anything that has been in the store longer than...it seems about 2 months...gets marked down. This is my happy happy place.)

Oh, sorry, were you napping? Didn't mean to wake you...

Brown sleeveless Merona top.

Suuuuper cute Ann Taylor Loft skirt. The ribbon belt is adorable. It's greener in person.

Stripey button down shirt because I need button down shirts again. AT Loft.

This innocuous, squishy, foldy bit of fabric is in fact a yoga-pants-material squishy skirt. It's Merona and it kind of reminds me of a maternity skirt I loved to pieces - except not maternity.

Dockers dress! (So classy that I left the doorknob in there.) This one has a story - I've been eyeing this dress for a while now but I wasn't interested in paying $8 for it. The last time I hit 50 cent day, I was pretty sure this dress would be on those special racks, but the staff hadn't had time to look at the dresses at all. I skipped last month's 50 cent day. Today I saw that it was still on the rack and I was POSITIVE this should be marked down - so I grabbed it and asked, noting the magic number on the tag. "Oh, yes! Definitely." Yeehaw. It's cute on too.

Some sort of plain gray shirt.

Again with the jeans. I know, I know. Abercrombie though. And next to them, that thing is a long black stretchy skirt, just trust me.

Really cute AT Loft shirt. More button downs, see?

This shirt is good but not great, but it's American A*parel (yes, I starred it - I don't want this to come up in search because that company is problematic - but they do make cute, soft shirts).

This is the robot portion of the post. ROBOTS. Does this shirt fit me? I have no idea, I didn't try it on. Will it fit my kid? Maybe. BUT ROBOTS. So I bought it.

ROBOTS. ALL THE ROBOTS. Same story as above.


I went back and forth on this shirt (what does it mean?) but it fit well and it's a Bella shirt (nice, soft) so eh 50 cents, sure.

Shorts for the kid!

A sister shirt to the other Snoopy shirt I bought recently!

Talbots skirt. Fits well, flares out in a nice A line. Love.

Old-style Candyland for a dollar. The cards are possibly not all there and some are bent, but the board is perfect - we can use it with the spinner from the (weird, overwhelming, sensory-overloading) newer version we have.
Tadaaaaaa. Thrifting!

Monday, July 7, 2014

All I Post Anymore Is Thrifting Posts and I'm Sorryish - July 7, 2014

I have so many posts in draft form for this blog. Blood and guts and my heart spilled on the screen. And that's just it - I simply haven't yet felt comfortable enough to be like some of the bloggers I admire and SPILL THAT for random people. The few regular readers. The possible chance that I'd get picked up by some mean site or go viral for good or bad reasons. The potential for family members to find this. (I think one of you already has, hi.) The voice in my head telling me I can't write for shit. All that.

So instead I am giving you another thrifting post. If you're wondering why I bother, well, I do actually still use these posts to go back and see what I've bought/what I have worn. I am trying to use them to help me weed out the stuff I bought "for only a dollar!" that I never use that's taking up space.

I had my delightful day of escape on Tuesday. No special sales, no special reason, just wanted to hang out with my friend. We went to two thrift stores and that was it. And Starbucks.

Store one was the animal store. Nothing was more than $2. I was more restrained than usual (trust me, I was) and put a few things back that were just eh.

Look - I tried to take nicer pictures this time. And I LOVE this dress. It fits me really nicely and it sort of flows out at the skirt. This picture makes it look frumpy but I feel really cute in it. I just have to find a reason to wear it. I think dresses are $2.

Wait. I bought a plain black T-shirt what? $1.50

I didn't know how to set up a cute photo of jeans so I gave up. They're Old Navy and they were $2.

An Old Navy sweater because I am forward thinking. $1.50?

This blueish American Eagle top is cute but I really loved the buttons on the sleeves (which you can barely see in this picture) and the color (which is lighter blue in person).

Yes, another brown sweater. Wait, this isn't the last of them either.

I know it's a black T-shirt but the scoop neck is different!

My friend found this for me. It's American Eagle too and the clouds are embroidered.

I shouldn't have bought this, but I couldn't make myself put it down either. So I did. And it's cute so there.

My kid's size clothing is still 50 cents per piece. If she ever gets bigger, it will go up to a whopping dollar, but for now it's pretty awesome.

And more 50 cent things.
The only book I allowed myself to buy. I had the paperback version of this long ago but I was really happy to find a great condition hardback. Adorable. $1.

Not shown: A Lionel train T-shirt for my husband.

And then the other store. What you won't see is that I accidentally bought an Alabama Tide shirt thinking it was something else. It was $3 and fit really nicely but I have no interest in college football (and I'm mad because I put back a BUNCH of things to save money including a mug tree that I wanted to make into a washi tape holder and I'd rather have had that). SO. I sold it to someone for $5. And that covered the two sweaters below - all sweaters were on sale for a dollar:

It's Old Navy and is browner in person.

Gap, and it's really really really soft. And less boring on than it is on the hanger.
I also bought two nifty mugs for a quarter each - one red and giant, one light green and squared off - that I plan to decorate and resell or gift.

And that is that.

I do hope to someday get back to writing meaty interesting posts about things like my kid and cerebral palsy and my life.