Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ugly Pictures, Cool Clothes - Thrifting Post! - May 31, 2014

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Second: So. This is quite possibly my ugliest batch of photos ever, but I am too lazy to re-take them all in nice, posed shots with good lighting and angles and...well, you know. I just wanted to get these up quickly.

Yesterday was my last hurrah before the kid goes to camp this summer - her last day of kindergarten was Thursday (yeehaw! despite her cerebral palsy - or perhaps because of it! - she tested ahead of her grade level for reading. Also she says full sentences now, which is fabulous.) so I ran off to do a quick thrifting trip with my friend and then my kid and husband joined me and my friend for dinner.

We only went to one store - the awesome help-the-animals store. Apparently the shirts were all $1.50. The mug was 50 cents and the kid clothes were nearly all 50 cents, but I splurged like whoa on two "specially priced" pieces. Scroll by or don't - these pictures are dreadful but I didn't get much that was exciting either. I just like to have a record of what I've bought.

I really got a kick out of how the way I took this picture made it look like the mug was glowing. Ahhhhh, the choir sings, it's the holy grail. I just liked that it had a funky shape - it will likely be vinyled and sold.

Paper Denim and Cloth jeans - my second thrifted pair (the others are turquoise and were from Goodwill so cost way more). $2. I like how they fit.

So I guess Jack Wills is a thing in England, and my exhaustive research (read: one Swagbucks* search) tells me that this shirt likely cost around $40 new. Nice.

See how bad these pictures are? SO BAD. This is a cute cardigan-shrug that I will wear with dresses, I'm sure. I will. Really. I think this might have also been $2.

Cover your eyes. It's...a picture of a blob! It's a black, long-sleeved T-shirt because I need 100 of these. I think it's Old Navy.

Gray T-shirt! THRILLING!

Purple T-shirt! EXCITING!

Old Navy 3/4 sleeve shirt. I liked the buttons, wasn't 100% sure about the rest, bought it anyway.

Hideous picture of what is actually a lovely Converse One Star T-shirt. It's not neon, it doesn't glow, it doesn't hurt your eyes. I just am terrible at taking pictures.

It's actually a brown shirt. Oh I am so sorry to hurt your eyes like this.

Red waffle shirt from Old Navy. Smushy!

I don't even know what is going on here. I think this shirt is really blue. It's cute. I swear.

WHAT? It's another black shirt. And this picture makes it look like it's made of satin or velour or something. It's just cotton. I promise.

This blue 3/4 sleeve Old Navy shirt was in my maybe pile and then I bought it. It's fine.

Two pairs of denim capris for the kid that may or may not fit her skinny booty. One was 50 cents, I think? One was definitely $2 because it's Gap and that made it...pricier for some reason.

And these Gymboree jeans for her were also "special" and so a dollar.

Because she is.

This one has a weensy hole in the top left that makes me think it was a Value Village shirt first. It will likely be a spare in-the-backpack shirt or something.

It's just a plain shirt for the kid. I didn't notice it had a small pull on the top...but at 50 cents, with her being such a mess, whatever.

This terrrrrrible picture of a brown T-shirt shrugs goodbye to you. Then it hops away like a kangaroo. 
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