Monday, May 12, 2014

Mini Thrift Haul - May 12, 2014

$8.50 for all of it
There are two new-ish thrift stores I've discovered, and dangerously they are both walking distance from my house. I haven't posted everything I've bought (honestly, it's not THAT much) but here's today's smallish haul. The Hello Kitty sweatshirt was there every week, and every week I'd say "I don't need it for $5" - but this week it was half price, so I grabbed it. (Next week they're doing a monthly 50 cent sale but I decided not to take a chance - I don't even know if it would be considered a 50 cent item anyway.) It has Hello Kitty's ears and bow on the hood...I just couldn't deal with how cute it was. The pink HK shirt for the kid was a dollar (also half price). If you squint, you can see a white plate in the upper left that was a quarter - I have crafty plans for it. Upper right was my weirdest yet best score - an unopened container of polycrylic semi-gloss sealer for $3. If you scroll back to my craft corner updates, you'll see that I had some unfinished wood drawers given to me by a neighbor that I have since stained. It still needed something, but I wasn't sure what - until now! And finally, Container Store drawer dividers for 50 cents per unopened package (one is marked $6.99). Part of my organizing plans!

Coming soon: A post about my latest crafty projects!

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