Saturday, September 11, 2010

Smoothie of the Day - September 11, 2010

Before - with leftover fruit salad
After - a lovely shade of green!
Most evenings, my husband takes the kid out to practice walking while I catch up on work and other things. Often they wind up at the mall, where there are wide open, flat spaces on which she can use her walker. Last night I went with them - it was a lot of fun. Along our journey, we stopped at Chik-Fil-A for a fruit cup for her (I also got cookies from the Great American Cookie Company with a 50% off coupon from Scoutmob). She didn't finish it, so I brought it home and it became the base for today's smoothie (which also had origins within the green drink mentioned in the Butcher and the Vegetarian). The fruit salad (after the kid had picked out what she wanted last night) was chopped apples and grapes. I added almond milk, fresh strawberries, frozen mango, and frozen pineapple. And a TON of kale. You can see how it turned out. The texture was a bit off - I should've let it run a bit longer - but it was delicious.

I ran out to the consignment sale this morning but it was really hot (no A/C?) and everything was overpriced. The line was too long to wait for a single pair of $2 jeans, so I left empty handed. Ah well.

Nine years ago I was in my apartment in Somerville, MA, in my bathrobe (having quit my job a few months prior with plans to move to New York City by October). I had lunch plans with a friend and was just wandering the house getting ready when I flipped the TV on. I watched as the second plane hit and was glued to the TV for the rest of the day. I didn't know where my husband was (he was working at Fenway Park and it took forever to reach him). A friend's sister came over to keep me company. I broke down a few times. Today my thoughts and prayers are with all of the families who lost loved ones that day.

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