Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Smoothie of the Day ( go! plus bento of the day and America's Got Talent babble) - September 1, 2010

Smoothie to go!
It's a smoothie to go today, because I had a chiropractor appointment I had to run off to. This one came out really yummy - almond milk, fresh and frozen strawberries, frozen grapes, frozen spinach, and frozen pineapple, plus some flax seeds and a squirt of agave nectar. I drank it as I walked and enjoyed the slightly cooler weather we've been having (only in the 80s!).

Bento for the kid - more of the same, but at least she eats it.
I haven't posted a bento in a while because they're largely the same most days. Here's today's - strawberries and a whole banana, organic string cheese and broken up whole wheat crackers, and pasta with sauce and veggie burger crumbles in a new lunch jar. The lunch jar is plastic, which I don't love, but it seems to be easier for both my daughter and her aides at school to handle, and I think it may even keep food warmer than the other jar (which I'll still use for her and for me on occasion).

I'm watching America's Got Talent from last night as I type this. This is probably my favorite line up of all the shows this season. My favorite singer, Debra Romer, probably won't get through, but I loved how she basically said she now gets paid to sing and she's already won. This show is all about the exposure, whether you win or not. Fabulous. Predictions: Jackie Evancho, Michael Grasso (so glad they brought him back), Fighting Gravity, Michael & Ashleigh (ditto - the judges made great choices for wild cards), Nathaniel Kenyon (I think there's a contingent that will vote him through). I'm still rooting for Haspop, but I don't think he'll make it. I could see the kid that plays piano sneaking in there somewhere instead too.

And look, Pomplamoose collaborated with Ben Folds:

Rabbit Rabbit. It's almost autumn.

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