Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Short pop culture post (America's Got Talent) with thoughts about books and current events, but no smoothie

Blog posts are always so much better with a picture at the top, aren't they? Alas, I don't have one today. Here's what I have:
  • I watched half of the America's Got Talent finale last night and the other half just now. I have FIVE favorites and am sad that all five won't go to next week (which, by the way, is totally milking it at this point - didn't the finale in past years end with the top 10 or 12?). My faves: Anna and Patryk (I think the fall made them more human and they may get sympathy votes), Prince Poppycock (my absolute favorite of them all), Michael Grasso (incredible), and then the two I think are definites, Jackie Evancho (did I hear her mic popping?) and Fighting Gravity. 
  • Yesterday there was a fatal shooting at a strip club that's not very far from where I live and is on one of the few routes I drive. In fact, I'd driven by it earlier in the day. You know, I know how that all sounds, but it was a robbery in broad daylight and the man who died - he was bringing the weekend's take to the bank and so had a ton of cash in hand - was a husband and father. My husband thinks he'd seen the guy at the bank on occasion and that he was extremely nice, polite, professional. I feel terrible.
  • On the other hand, last night apparently John Mayer played at a tiny club near my house with only an hour notice via Twitter. I think that's nifty, even if I'm not a fan of his. 
  • And the Dresden Dolls are reuniting and playing a short tour and they're hitting Atlanta on my birthday. Tickets go on sale tomorrow and I'm planning on buying two even though I'm not sure who is going to go with me, if anyone.
  • I'm finishing up The Butcher and the Vegetarian and LOVING it - proper review to come when I'm done - and I picked up a friend's copy of Mockingjay to finally finally start. I read it as I walked home, which I don't tend to do anymore because I'm supposed to be all grown up and stuff. 
  • Here's some new Belle and Sebastian to make your Wednesday happier.
  • Happy New Year and L'Shana Tova!

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