Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Frozen Nutella Hot Chocolate? Yes, please!

You know you want some...
I used to trek out to Paris Creperie in Brookline, MA, just to get a Nutella frozen hot chocolate in the summer. It was rich and creamy and Nutella-y and just a phenomenal treat. Then I moved away, and even when I visit Massachusetts, there's never enough time to get over to Brookline. Sigh. But now that I have a Vitamix, I figured I could try to recreate it.

I followed a modified version of the recipe I found on ChowHound's message board that's supposedly the real thing. I used Kroger-brand lite vanilla ice cream instead of frozen yogurt, I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk (which kept the calorie count down), and I used far less Nutella than the recipe called for. It came out wonderfully (and the almond milk worked just fine). I WILL be making this again - and often. I also am considering trying another recipe I found that doesn't have any ice cream/froyo and that still sounds yummy.

Looking forward to tonight's America's Got Talent results show!

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