Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Skills and Busy Etsy Bee - September 30, 2010

First, can you believe that October starts tomorrow? Really? REALLY? That also means it's almost my birthday (in November) so start shopping!

Since I am officially unemployed (I'm working on getting a few freelance writing gigs up and going, but my full-time job is still being a mom, yet I have a few hours off from said job each day) I decided I should learn some new skills. I've always wanted to learn Illustrator but, well, that program is pricey. Then I found Inkscape, which is a free, open source vector graphics editor. Yes! Finally! And so I've thrown myself into learning how to do vector drawings via Inkscape's forums and various tutorials (video and text) around the web.

Now I have a few new designs that I'm pretty proud of, even if they are stick figures when compared to actual graphic designers and their work. There's an owl, a pumpkin, a ghost, and a girly skull - all on buttons headed to a local shop in a few days. (Pictures coming to a blog post soon.) And then I made my very own customizable cupcake, which I've added to my etsy store as a necklace set and a single necklace.

Set of six custom cupcake necklaces - great party favors!
Customized cupcake necklace - just pick your initial!

Meanwhile, something is up with Blogger's image uploader, but I'm just uploading images directly to my Picasa account for the time being. I hope the bugs get worked out soon though - or that my computer stops making me think there are bugs...

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