Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quick America's Got Talent Post

  • Prince Poppycock sang beautifully and did not deserve to get buzzed (has an act that was buzzed EVER gone to the next round?), but I agreed with Piers that it was a boring performance. Technically wonderful, and it looked slick and pretty, but I expected the Prince to suddenly switch to a pop song or change his outfit or something. Oh well, I still adore him.
  • Michael Grimm is fine. I am just not that into him. Dark horse here, he could win it all but I don't think he deserves to in this particular competition.
  • Jackie Evancho has a stunning voice and more talent in her tiny body than most people I know. I just find her a bit cloying. But if she wins, it's deserved.
  • Fighting Gravity deserves this though. It will make the best Vegas show. And I'm tired of singers winning AGT. 
  • My favorite moment of the night was when they brought back other acts. This really was an entertaining season, and I may even consider catching the tour, depending on who goes along on it.
I don't think I'll blog about America's Next Top Model much, but I am watching that too. I don't have much time for TV, but that's one that I happily let Tivo grab for me for the next day. And How I Met Your Mother starts back up next week, hooray!

I have a cold and feel overall pretty icky. I'm hoping my visit to the chiropractor later today will help a bit. Yesterday's Staycation activity was me napping while my husband took our daughter to watch some newbie Thrashers skate. Exciting, I know. Today we don't have much going on either. I'll try to wave my magic wand and make a fun activity or two appear.

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