Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend bargains, Monday blahs - September 27, 2010

  • I spent my Gap Groupon. I paid $15 for it, as I had $10 in credit from referrals, and it was worth $50. I used it to get my daughter a pair of black sparkly shoes (that she wore for approximately 3.7 seconds at a birthday party - they slip right off her feet; I am considering selling them), two hoodies (so cute), and brown tights. I paid about $5 in cash, so that all came out to about $20. The shoes were (not worth it) $26 new (really. not. worth. it.) so I say that was a good deal.
  • I spent *sob* *sniff* *sigh* all of my Extrabucks at CVS and got a 20 pack of AA batteries. It came with a Tide-to-Go pen, which was a nice bonus. I spent about $2 out of pocket for the whole thing. One more scan of my Green Bag Tag, though, and I'll get another dollar in ECBs. 
  • I used $15 in Office Depot rebate money plus a $10/$25 coupon to get a new 1 TB hard drive (on sale) for about $50. I'm running Time Machine on it right now, and then I will be dragging other important files to another partition so I can finally make some space on my laptop, which is overrun with photos and music at the moment.
  • I currently have several Groupons - $25 at a local noodle restaurant, $35 at a local crafters coop, $25 (I think?) at a local nuts-and-other-dry-goods store. I still have $50 to a local restaurant as well. I believe I've spent everything else mentioned in the previous post about this.
Today is dark and rainy, which always makes me sleepy. I want to curl up in bed with my latest book (Rat Girl by Kristin Hersh) but I have a few more things to get done around the house instead. I'm hoping to hit a used book sale not once, but twice in the coming week - once on the first day (for best selection) and once on the last day (half-price day) - it's a huge sale, my favorite of the year, so I'm excited. I have a pile of books to get rid of as well - I'm considering selling a few of them on Amazon and was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on that option.

Last night I got to see the season premiere of Dexter at a friend's house, and now, oh how I wish I had Showtime at home. I love that show, but I'll have to wait a few weeks before I can get back to her house to see more of it. Or, you know, find...ahem...other ways to watch. Also my friend has a Keurig and I want one in a completely irrational way. I have a Tassimo that was a gift; we never use it because the discs are expensive and the Tassimo itself has a large footprint for such a small kitchen (the Vitamix is our exception to the appliance rule). But the Keurig - so little, so cute, so quick, and the K-Cups come in such delicious varieties. Still, I just can't justify it. Making actual coffee in our coffee press is much cheaper; ditto making tea with loose leaves or a tea bag. I know. I know. Maybe someday.

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