Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Photo a Day: Day 6

Today was hard.

I want to write a separate post about it at some point, but basically having a child with a disability is difficult for reasons you would never expect. Like paperwork reasons. Like having to be on hold with an agency for 45 minutes just to get the answer you already knew but needed to have made official for a different agency. Like it's not enough to worry about your child and her abilities (though today she walked across the room and I got all choked up, it was so beautiful) - you also have to worry that you dotted those is with just the right roundness of the dot so that your child can keep going to physical therapy to be able to walk across the room.

ANYWAY. I didn't do as much picture taking today as I wanted because everything came tumbling down. Mercury is retrograde and all that.

I tried taking some product shots for my Etsy store/Facebook page. What I learned is that a) I need a macro lens and b) I need a tripod and general setup to do this.

I Photoshopped it only in that I cropped it close. It's not that great, but it's a start. (This is an interchangeable necklace set - five magnetic charms and one pendant with a black cord - on the card that I slip inside a metal tin for display at the local artist co-op.)

I also went for a 10 minute walk and just randomly took pictures while trying not to feel both self conscious and pretentious. Here's one:

I like the depth and focus that this has, even if I'm not totally excited about the subject matter.

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