Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Photo a Day: Day 5

Today I decided to do some food photography - because hey, I was already posting pictures of my food to Instagram with my phone - which, for the record, is a Galaxy S3. Tangent: I can't afford to upgrade it right now because I use a service that is very cheap per month for unlimited everything but that doesn't subsidize phone purchases - the camera is still decent, I think, but my original plan, before the camera deal came across my Facebook feed, was to upgrade the phone and use THAT as my main camera. I'm so glad I got the DSLR, which cost half of a phone upgrade, instead. The phone can wait.

Anyway. A version of this picture was posted on Instagram in cropped/square form, but here are a few uncropped versions. They're certainly not professional food pictures, but I can see the difference between these and my phone's shots.

The details as I not only pretend (HI IMPOSTOR SYNDROME) to be a photographer but also a food blogger: A spiralized white potato, tossed into a frying pan with some onion, some garlic powder, some salt, and some olive oil. Fried until crispy. On top, an egg cooked using the soft boiled egg technique I learned from Budget Bytes, but cooked two minutes longer today so that the white was more set and the yolk was just slightly less runny. Crumbled feta sprinkled on top. The coffee mug in the background was thrifted and then I added a vinyl decal to it - one of the most complicated designs I'd ever created with the Silhouette (I traced an image I purchased from a site long, long ago, then had the machine cut it, which went about 90% well - I had to hand-place the last 10%). I was trying to get the food in focus and the mug not quite as focused - my lens isn't powerful enough to do that perfectly but it sort of did. I'll learn. I'll learn.

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