Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Photo a Day: Day 12

I took one picture today (OK technically I clicked the shutter a few times - I kept one of them) - of my lunch.

Spiralized turnip, spinach, garlic, "tofu cutlet," parmesan. It was so good. Also this picture's histogram was fantastic. Photoshopped: Cropped to square (I put it on Instagram with an Instagram filter over it) and sharpened.

I also Photoshopped a picture from yesterday that was blurry yet still awesome. I turned it from a bad picture into a little bit of art.

See where it says my blog name? That's just placeholders for her album name and her name, obviously. Or her zine title.
I also watched some tutorial videos on YouTube, loaded the camera's software onto my computer (may never use it but it's the only way - for now - that I can access raw files), and spent some time on Etsy looking at various camera bags and straps. I have a gift card generously given to me for my birthday and I think I've found what I want to get. But I'm going to wait a few days before hitting purchase, just in case.

What I really need to do is go on a photo safari of my little city - I took phone pictures a few years back and used them on my line of bottle openers and pocket mirrors that I sell at the artist co-op. I can do so much better with that now. But it's cold here. Thursday looks promising...

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