Monday, January 4, 2016

A Photo a Day: Day 4

I'm trying to just soak up all the knowledge like a sponge. And I'm trying different techniques, making setting changes on the fly, and having so much fun. The pictures I take of my kid are great, yes, but the pictures I am taking where I'm trying to make something creative just make me want to burst.

I actually went for a walk to mail an Etsy order and saw several spots where I wished I had my new camera to take some funky shots. But it's cold and I knew my hands would cramp up - I'm not there yet. Then I remembered my phone...oh yeah, that. And so I took a few pictures that way - like I always have - and it was fine.

I was happiest about these two shots - cat in foreground in focus, cat in background in focus. I call this "Showdown."

I took this in the morning while we were doing a practice run for school (she doesn't go back until tomorrow - today's a teacher workday). I didn't love it as-is, but I went into Photoshop and gave it a few Lomo-type tweaks and I like it much better now.

More practicing with foreground/background focus. I like the contrast in color here.

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