Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Photo a Day: Day 14

My kid got a haircut today so I ran around like the paparazzi and played with my camera's settings. I still am trying to learn why when I set it to aperture priority, I can take great shots, but if I go to either shutter priority or manual, I often get shots that are VERY dark, despite my best efforts. I'll get it.

Anyway, this is one of my favorite shots from the haircut:

Another dilemma - the warmth/coolness of the tones in the pictures. I ran this through Photoshop, and the original was much warmer. Part of me really likes that. But possibly that's too yellow/orange/red? And this seems more accurate. I also am figuring out how much sharpening I like - I can do it manually or I can use one of a few Actions I've now accumulated. But sometimes sharpened looks fake. And sometimes it looks enhanced in a good way.

I was thinking about how my wedding was shot on film - I insisted, and I bet we were one of the last weddings our photographer shot on film - and how even there, our photographer tweaked the final images we purchased (vs. the raw proofs) and how tweaking is OK and even necessary. But I'm trying to learn how much is just right. I hope to develop that eye over time.

I've had this camera for two weeks. I'm having an amazing time with it.

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