Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Photo a Day: Day 9

I didn't take many pictures today, and I didn't like most of the pictures I took. Here's one of the better ones. (Watermarked because it's my kid. And I'm paranoid.) I used a few Actions because I'm still in the OMGLOOKWHATICANDO phase - so I think I may have overdone the eyes, maybe.

There was a lot of "Honey, look at me. Hair out of your mouth. Fingers off your face. Wipe your chin. Stop moving." While I definitely want to be someone who catches the "real" moments or whatever, I also would've loved to just get a straight-on portrait of her today.

Also I'm definitely still learning what happens if I set A, B, and C vs. A, X, and C or Y, B, and Z.

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