Friday, August 27, 2010

Smoothie of the Day (plus the usual ramble) - August 27, 2010

Extra-icy coffee smoothie with flax and spinach hidden inside

As you've probably figured out by now, the smoothie of the day is an exercise that I use to force myself to write in this blog every day. It's a jumping off point, and I figure every day at least I can entertain you (or perhaps just entertain myself?) with a delicious cold and somewhat-healthy beverage before I jump into the rambling part. Today's another coffee smoothie day - almond milk, flax seeds, frozen spinach, instant coffee, agave nectar, chocolate syrup, a splash of vanilla extract, and far too much ice (sadly). As you can see, I needed a straw today. And I don't know how filling this will be, but I'm going to a consignment sale with a friend this morning (and skipping the 30-Day Shred, oops) so I wanted the energy. I'll grab a banana or some Laughing Cow cheese and crackers before I head out.

First, I was super-dorky-excited to discover that I can now make free phone calls to actual phones through my Gmail account. I already chat all the time through it (I tend to use iChat for my video calls) and this is even better. I tested it with my own cell phone and it worked just fine, so now I can save my minutes while I'm at home and just sit at my computer while I make any calls I need to. Of course that's assuming a) my Internet doesn't go out and b) my wireless router doesn't go out. Because those two things never happen, right? Anyway, free phone calls! Hooray! (And I did read the Gizmodo article telling me Google is listening to my conversations to better their voice algorithms - and I believe Google when they say they're not, which is at the end of the article. Anyway, my phone conversations are pretty mundane, so I just am not that concerned at this stage.)

Yesterday's neurologist appointment for my daughter was all good. Well, she wasn't behaving and took everything out of the diaper bag multiple times, but everything else was great. All positive news about her amazing progress. I actually credit her chiropractor helping her make a lot of the progress - at minimum, it hasn't hurt her, and at best it's helped her be stronger and more stable and more able to do certain things. The prognosis that everyone seems to agree on is that my daughter will walk unassisted by age four (she's three right now) and pretty much do everything everyone else can do within a few years. I'm beyond proud of her.

I can't believe it's the weekend. I can't believe my kid has been in preschool for a month. Wow.

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