Sunday, August 29, 2010

One-Inch Buttons Galore aka What I Did Saturday Night

Look at all those one-inch buttons! Love it!

Last night I hung out at home while my husband took our daughter out to practice walking at the mall. Yeah, the mall - think about it, it has open spaces, lots to look at, and very flat and smooth floors. Ideal for a little kid who is learning to use a walker. I spent my time watching a movie and making 40 one-inch buttons (more to come!) for my favorite local independent children's bookstore to sell during the Decatur Book Festival. Alice in Wonderland! Book love! Grammar love! Random adorable birds! I think I'll throw in some cupcake one-inch buttons later. And of course, all of these designs are either already available in my Etsy store (go to to find it any time) or can be custom made for you.

While I punched and stamped my buttons, I watched The Invention of Lying, which was not earth-shattering but was definitely entertaining. It was filmed near where I grew up, although I didn't recognize any landmarks. I really thought it wasted the opportunity to make some really strong statements on religion and what religion really means - it danced around it but never went for the jugular there. Still, if you're looking for a light movie for an evening in, it's worth renting or getting out of the library. I do love Ricky Gervais a lot - he makes the movie for sure.

Earlier yesterday we made an epic run through Trader Joe's. Thrifty shopping what? I mean, yes, you can absolutely use Trader Joe's as a part of your frugal living. There are many great deals on basics (I got whole wheat flour for $2.99, which is a great everyday price, I think - cupcakes ahoy! And organic frozen fruit is the cheapest I've found.) but did I really truly need six individual packs of kettle corn? (I did! They're portion controlled! It totally wouldn't be cheaper to make my own from scratch...oh...yeah...) Did I really need green-tea mints? Gorditas? Ah well. It's all delicious and at least it doesn't have things like HFCS in it.

Oh, no smoothie this morning - it's been a lazy sleep-in type of Sunday, so I just made some hard-boiled eggs and a cup of coffee. If you haven't already guessed, I like my coffee full of milk and sugar and flavorings. And caffeine! Yum.

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