Friday, August 20, 2010

Half-Price Coupon Roundup (I love lists)

I realized yesterday that I have a ton of coupons/tickets/gift cards that I need to spend/use. And I love lists.'s what I actively have on hand. (Note that none of these deals are still available. But these sites ALWAYS do have great deals!)

Half Off Depot:
1 $50 gift certificate to Bhojanic - paid $21.99
2 tickets to the children's museum - paid $13.40
2 tickets to the zoo - paid $20.50
1 $10 gift certificate to SunO - paid $4.50 (I bought two but I've used one)

By the way, you can use coupon code "iloveatlanta" and save 10% off your order with Half Off Depot; deal expires 8/22, I have nothing to gain from it, it was posted on the HOD Facebook page.

1 $25 gift certificate to Greene's Fine Foods - cost $10 but I got it free with $10 Groupon credit
1 $50 gift certificate to the Gap - cost $25 but I got it for $15 with $10 Groupon credit

1 $15 gift certificate to Thumbs Up Diner - paid $7.50 [used on my anniversary]

1 $20 gift card to Target - paid $15
1 $10 Trader Joe's gift card - paid $5

Plus I've emailed myself a ton of Scoutmob deals (those are free). Offhand, I know I could get half-price tickets to Dialog in the Dark, half off at Twain's brewery/restaurant, half off at SunO, and half off at Isabella's Cafe. Scoutmob is my favorite because I don't have to commit to anything - I can send myself the deal and if I use it, great, and if I don't, I've lost nothing.

Yep, there are some referral links in this post - Groupon and PlumDistrict. If you prefer, you can just go directly to the websites to learn more. Thanks!

Learn more about all these half-off coupon sites - plus a few more - in an article I wrote for

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