Thursday, December 16, 2010

List Week - New Year's Resolutions - December 16, 2010

Five New Year's Resolutions for 2011

  1. Drive more. Goals include Edgewood Shopping District, the Tucker Goodwill, and a few more friends' houses. Long-term goal is the library in the county next door, but that seems very long term right now.
  2. Participate in one to three craft shows. Logistics may make this one trickier, so an acceptable substitute is to expand the number of stores that carry my wares - and to make sure those stores are at least five miles away from my house.
  3. Spend less time online. My plan to wean myself from my Internet addiction is to make a list of sites I visit (there are only about five I go to regularly, when all is said and done) and tape it to my laptop. I am allowed to go to each site once and do what I need to do, but then after I complete the list I must step away from the computer for at least an hour and do something else.
  4. Read at least 50 books. I think that in 2010 I managed 30 or 40 (I need to figure this out via Shelfari) but I can do better.
  5. Pare down the clutter. It's time to part with the baby gear, to take the baby clothes to consignment stores and/or thrift stores, to sort through the books, to make some hard decisions about yarn, and to just overall PARE. 

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