Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day One of List Week - Celebrity BFFs - December 12, 2010

OK, let's try this again. I wrote a similar list last week, I saved it to post later, I went to edit it, and it went poof into the ether. I'm going to try to post a silly list a day this week - please note, the emphasis is on SILLY. And if I miss a day, well, how many people are really reading my blog anyway? (Tell a friend!) (Do I need to start making adorably awkward drawings to go alongside my posts? I will, you know. I will and they won't be cute or funny and you will be SORRY.)

So I present you with day one of list week:

Six famous ladies I should totally be BFFs with (in a non-stalkery way)
  1. Nicole Richie - I don't even know why I love her, but I do. She's a nifty mama, she's a bitch. She's awesome. I could tell her that I too waited a long time to marry my boyfriend! We could talk about her books (which I haven't read, but if we became BFFs I totally would!). We could be all catty about everyone and then we could stop the paparazzi with a death stare. I don't know if she'd like me, but I think maybe she could learn to like me...
  2. Alyson Hannigan - We could talk about birthing and babies and breastfeeding! And um, you know, Buffy! And HIMYM. And cute husbands. And I don't know, I just think she seems like a sweet person with a bit of a wicked side who I'd totally love to hang out with over coffee. But then I feel like we'd both be bouncing off the walls and we'd have to like, go try on prom dresses at Macy's or something.
  3. Eliza Dushku - OK, one more from the Buffyverse. We're both from Massachusetts, and we could talk about accents and Faneuil Hall and stuff. Go Celtics, Go Bruins, Go Patriots, Go Red Sox! (I mean it!) (Go Thrashers!) She's wacky and crazy and I bet we'd have some fun adventures together. Or just knit. Do you think she knows how to knit?
  4. Mandy Moore - Another one who grew up near me. Come on, Amanda Leigh, let's reminisce about Pheasant Lane and Spit Brook Road. My hairdresser gave me your haircut and it looked fabulous (sadly, it has grown out, but it really was lovely). You and I like a lot of the same musical artists, and I think I have In My Pocket on my iPod still. (Will you forgive me when I tell you that I sing "Nothing but panties in my pocket"?)
  5. Winona Ryder - Come on now. What wouldn't we talk about? Truthfully, so I'm not sure if we'd run out of conversation topics after an hour or two, and she'd probably get sick of me asking her about Heathers, but I think she liked Sassy. I'm sure I read somewhere that she liked Sassy. I interned at Sassy. So she could ask ME about Sassy. Surely that's what a lifelong friendship can be based on, right? SASSY! And Heathers. And Beetlejuice and Girl, Interrupted...right?
  6. Ellen Degeneres - Ellen! My daughter loves her show (or at least she loves watching the opening credits and answers "yeah!" when I ask if she wants to watch Ellen and points to Ellen's picture in ads in magazines), and luckily so do I because at least it gives me a break from watching the Backyardigans and Signing Time over and over. I'm vegetarian, but Ellen could totally convince me to go vegan. I had a dream once that we were neighbors and she and Portia were delightful. Plus, we both get giddy over other celebrities, and we both like really good music. She makes me laugh and she seems so genuine. And I'm a big dork, and I bet she'd be OK with that and not make fun of me. At least not too much.

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