Monday, December 13, 2010

Day Two of List Week - Weird Behavior - December 13, 2010

It's day two of list week here at a Place to Write Things!

Five Weird OCD-ish Things I Do that I Can't Explain
  1. Check the dryer five times to make sure one of the cats isn't in it. Like, check, put clothes in, close it. Open it and check. Close it and turn it on. Open it and check again and turn it back on. Walk out of the room, hear something (usually the dryer balls rattling around in there), and then go back in to check again. Sometimes I can skip parts of this if I make visual contact with both cats, but not always.
  2. Stand several steps back from the subway and lean heavily on my back leg so if someone pushes me I will be able to fall backwards instead of forwards. Standing against the wall would accomplish the same thing, but there's not always a wall against which to stand.
  3. Check the car door to make sure it's locked by pulling on the handle one more time before I walk away from it, then say a rhyme too silly to admit to make sure all the other doors are locked if I've driven somewhere, even if I haven't touched the other doors to do anything. (Our car has manual windows and locks.)
  4. Take the third or fourth Sunday paper in the pile because the top one might have been messed with (as in, coupons might've been taken out; nothing more nefarious than that).
  5. Check my purse and/or pockets a hundred times to make sure my keys, phone, wallet, and iPod are there. Even if my purse is zippered closed and hasn't left my side. Even if I've just put them in there five seconds ago. (Note: More than once, I've had my heart nearly stop when I've realized my phone isn't in my purse - while I'm talking to or texting someone with the phone.)

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