Friday, December 24, 2010

I Heart Contests - December 24, 2010

I enter lots of contests online, but I rarely win. Yesterday I opened my mailbox to find that I'd won a $100 Publix gift card from the Del Monte Family Meals Sweepstakes! Woohoo - free groceries! (The contest is long over; that link goes to the page on which I originally learned about it.)

I tried to remember if I'd won anything else in 2010. Here's what I came up with [updated 12/27/10]:

  • I won a $50 Target gift card from the Dr. Oz giveaway a few months ago.
  • I won a case of PopChips (the small 100-calorie bags - yum!).
  • I won four tickets to the children's museum via Facebook.
  • I won a box of Tetley Tea via Facebook.
  • I won a giant stack of Laughing Cow coupons via Twitter.
  • I earned about $200 in Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks (and since I started have earned almost $500 in cash and Amazon gift cards).
  • I earned at least $100 in Amazon gift cards from 
  • I earned about $50-$75 from various online survey sites. I wasn't that strict about these - I just don't always have time to do a survey and I ignore 99% of the survey emails (I do MySurvey and Synovate when I see them, but other sites send me emails that I don't usually have time for).
Next year I'll try to be better about noting when I earn/win cash and prizes.

Do you like to enter contests? Where do you hear about them? I tend to learn about them from blogs like Money Saving Mom and, and a friend of mine just linked me to, although at the moment that's pretty overwhelming!

And who knows. Maybe in 2011 I will start being able to give things away in this blog! (That would be fantastic!)

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  1. Congrats on your wins! Its so exciting to get an email saying your a winner and recieve your items in the mail. I recently started entering giveaways two weeks ago have had a few wins already. I've googled the giveaways.