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Thrifting Post! - January 9, 2011

This one's going to be long, so get your scrolling fingers ready if you're not interested in what is probably one of my favorite types of posts - pictures of stuff I got while out on a thrift store excursion!

As I've now made my Weight Watchers goal, I need new clothes. All of my jeans are too big now (yay). My shirts don't fit right. I need things! And while I used to look for funky and/or unusual clothes, this trip was about finding everyday stuff for me and for my daughter. BIG SCORES AHOY.

First stop - Value Village. The good about VV: Prices, selection. The bad: They have a tendency to staple the tags to places on clothes where the staples create holes. Because stapling a price tag to a clothing tag or a seam or an out of the way spot would be too difficult...


The black ones were $3.29 and a size even smaller than what I usually wear. friend said "Cheap! Stretchy!" so I took a chance (VV has no fitting room) and they do fit! The blue ones are Old Navy Flirt - again, taking a chance, because I know the Sweetheart fits well but wasn't sure about the Flirt. They were $5.29 and yep, fit!

Old Navy Sweetheart - $5.29.
Two identical, perfect Banana Republic Merino wool sweaters. $3.29 each.

Squishy Old Navy sweater - $4.29
Girly hoodie - $2.29
J Crew part-cashmere roll-turtle-neck sweater - $5.29
Shirt for the kid - $1.29
Powerpuff Girls shirt for the kid! 50 cents (half-price!)

Curious Kitty adorable shirt for the kid. $2.29.

Mini Boden shirt! MINI BODEN! $2.29 I think.
Then onward to the Humane Society store. All kid clothes were 50 cents. I think all of the shirts I got were 50 cents or a dollar each. I spent $6.50 total on everything below, so there you have it.

Fits kind of funky but so cheap I took a chance.
Cute tank top!
(I don't actually love vampires particularly much, but this was too cute.)
I couldn't resist this shirt for my daughter.
I liked the sleeve details on this kid shirt.
Basic shirt for my daughter - with a stain I didn't notice. It's in the wash now, but this can also be worn under a sweater.
Jeans for my daughter. I hope they fit!
Express square-neckline T-shirt for me.
Sparkly sweater for my daughter.
Hello Kitty sweatshirt for my daughter.
Pinker than it looks, sweatshirt for my daughter.
50 cents. Figured I'd check it out.
And then finally a quick run into Goodwill.

These jeans are Old Navy "Special Edition" (whatever that is) in a TINY SIZE. And, amusingly, they have zippers at the ankles. $8.
FIND OF THE DAY. RIP Thrashers. This shirt fits my daughter perfectly and she'll be able to wear it to Gladiators games. $3.

And finally, just a cute top for her. $3.

Not shown, the 30 cent Backyardigans book I found for her.
I also got skinny jeans in the juniors section of Kohls (heh) and a long-sleeved shirt in the girls section (XXL fits me!) with a gift card, and I got a mandoline that has a finger guard at Tuesday Morning. Because...I may have sliced open my finger on the cheap one I bought recently when I was making apple chips. Maybe.

I love thrifting!!!!

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