Friday, January 27, 2012

More Vlogs! - Again, about thrifting - January 27, 2012

I suppose I could save the second one and post it on another day, but I'm impatient. Also, I really need to wash everything so I wanted to just finish these up. I hope I've entertained some of you...

(Clothes from the Humane Society store)

(Clothes from Value Village - my favorite of the three, watch this one if you only watch one but yes, dork-me mispronounced GIR. I KNOW HOW TO SAY IT I SWEAR. Grrr!)

Comment if you watch!


  1. I watched! You are so cute. Also, bargains ahoy.


    Those are totally thumb holes. (Wow, it feels really wrong to follow the word "porn" with talk of thumb holes.) My sister received a couple of shirts like that a Christmas or two back.

    I have not forgotten our talk of going to new and exotic thrift stores (new and exotic for me, that is). I'm very bad at being impulsive so we should pick a date and plan it so it will actually happen!