Thursday, January 26, 2012

First Attempt at Vlogging - About Thrifting - January 26, 2012

This took so many tries just to get a decent first draft that I'm only posting part one. Parts two and three will come over the next few days.

It's me. Talking about thrifting and books. It's five minutes long. And there you go.

(By the way, I was wrong about "the one with the G" being for profit. Apologies! They still jacked up their prices and I stand by that part.)

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  1. I have a copy of "The Book of Lost Things" also, though I haven't read it yet. A friend of mine a book club meeting and loved it. Granted, she's also the one who recommended that I read "Baby Wise" when I was pregnant, so I should take her book recommendations with a grain of salt. Hopefully she's a better judge of fiction than she is parenting books.