Monday, January 23, 2012

Pluses and Minuses for a Monday - January 23, 2012

+ My daughter's OT said he definitely notices her balance improving.
+ Therapists never blow smoke up your ass, I've found. All of the therapists we've worked with have been honest and straightforward - but always optimistic and positive about the big picture for my kid. If a therapist says s/he sees improvement, I take that as truth rather than as "oh, yeah, she's TOTALLY doing GREAT so don't worry or anything..." You know what I mean?
+ She stood up from a chair, took two steps, STOPPED, caught her balance, and took two more. Granted, I did not witness this - I never get to see the big things, she always does this for my husband - but she did it.
+ She is trying so hard to talk. Yesterday she said "Potty" very clearly. She didn't say "Bah" or even "Bay...eee?" she said "Potty." Sometimes she strings babble together with inflection, and often there are words and thoughts buried in there.

- She has more meltdowns because she's on the cusp of talking and gets frustrated even more quickly.
- She had an epic tantrum complete with kicking and screaming yesterday at a museum for - on the surface, at least - no discernible reason. One minute she was fine and happy and looking at art and talking the way she talk. She was interacting with the docents and she was pointing to various things in the art. The next she was sobbing, crying, hysterical. I think maybe it was because it was dim in certain sections (including, for a reason I don't understand, the fun playing kid section) and the lights set her off. Maybe she was overtired, though she doesn't nap anymore and so she still had six-plus hours until bedtime. I wish she could tell me.
- I wish she would nap. It would make her life just so much easier, but naps have been out the window for years and they are absolutely not coming back.

The week has gotten off to a rainy, stormy start, both inside and out. I'm hoping for improvement every day in every way.

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