Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Breakfast of the day (slow-moving sleepy day plus new Etsy listings) - September 7, 2010

Breakfast of champions or something
The three-day weekend threw our schedule out of wack. My daughter is back at preschool for the week (next week is the first of several week-long breaks...oy...but you'll hear more about that when it happens) and I'm dragging myself around this morning. So no smoothie, just some coffee (french vanilla! lots of milk and sugar!) and a 100-calorie bread round with Laughing Cow Swiss spread on it.

Last night I watched the Time Traveler's Wife - Tivoed from our free HBO (well, free in that it's paid for within our rent/condo fee). It wasn't as awful as I was expecting, but it really did not do that gorgeous, epic book justice. Seriously, TTTW is one of my favorite books of all time, and when you love a book as passionately as that, no movie is ever going to work. I thought Eric Bana was acceptable as Henry at some ages, but he was just too clean cut at other points. Henry is gritty and raw and haunted, but not so much in the movie. Rachel McAdams was OK as Clare when she was younger, I thought, but she just didn't click for me as older Clare. Ron Livingston was NOT Gomez, no way, no how. And then, well, of course the entire plot was smooshed into a neat two-hour story, with lots of things missing, lots of subtlety lost, and probably a lot of confusing scenes for someone who had never read the book. And the ending? THE ENDING WAS SO WRONG. Because it came so close to being right - the book's ending would make a beautiful scene as far as I'm concerned - and then it just didn't do it. On the upside, the movie didn't make me throw things at the screen nor did it make me feel weird about the book. It just...didn't do it for me.

I actually have been productive this morning. I listed a bunch of pocket mirrors, a new mix-and-match crunchy mama button set, and a new necklace in my Etsy store. Want to see?

Brown birds-on-a-wire pocket mirror
Little red bird in an autumn tree pocket mirror
Interchangeable magnet necklace with birdcage charms
Crunchy mama mix-and-match four button pack

I really need to work on my photography technique with my Etsy listings, I know...


  1. TTTW is one of my fav books too. movie was only okay, but i usually just assume the movie will never live up. curiously, my mom could never get through TTTW - hated it. i've begged her to try again. so weird. :)

  2. I gave my mom the audio book, but I don't think she'll ever actually listen to it. Ah well, we try, right? ;)