Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Can't Stop Stenciling! - July 16, 2011

OK, freezer paper stenciling is kind of addictive...

The color is truer in this picture.

The wing detail is better in this picture, but the wings really are a pink/purple swirl.
I want to say "Oh, this one took forever," but honestly the freezer paper stencil part took about 30-40 minutes (while watching House Hunters International, if you must know) and the painting took mere minutes. I swirled together purple and pink and it does sort of have a shaded/marbled effect if you look closely in person.

I haven't decided what, if anything, to put on the front of the shirt - any suggestions?

Next project is a baby gift for a friend. I read someone calling freezer paper stencils "the poor man's silkscreening" and I totally agree - I have always wanted to silkscreen (or buy a Yudu) and this scratches that itch (although I haven't been able to reuse a stencil yet - this one shredded as I peeled it off).

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