Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Finished Hand-Stenciled Tote Bag - July 6, 2011

I did it! I started AND finished a new craft project! And I am allowing myself to recognize that I may not make any more of these ever again but that I did complete this one thing and it's cute and I love it.

So. First I designed the stencils I wanted on my computer. Then I printed them out and taped them on top of freezer paper and traced both layers with a craft knife. Voila. Stencils.

Then I ironed them onto a blank tote bag like so:

Next, I carefully (ha) smushed fabric paint all over the stencils using a sponge brush:

And finally, I peeled off the stencils (realizing as I crumpled them up that I could've been more careful and saved them to reuse them, oops):

Voila! Adorable tote bag for my kid to carry her things (spare clothes, pull-ups, water bottle, snack, notes to and from her teacher) when she starts back up in preschool next month. Hooray!

This was so much fun. Next I want to get her some blank T-shirts and make some funky designs - guitars! skulls! skulls playing guitar! owls! HIPSTER THINGS and then some. Awesome.

(Happily, "Made By You Mondays" was on Wednesday this week, so I could catch it!)

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