Thursday, July 14, 2011

America's Got Talent Season (Season 6) Musings - July 14, 2011

Aw, you didn't think I'd forgotten to blog about America's Got Talent this time around, did you? It's my favorite variety/reality show and I've been watching religiously! I had a chance to go to a taping and heartbreakingly I wasn't able to go - sigh - but I'm glued to the show.

I have my favorites (and so far I also don't think there have been any surprises) but what I want to talk about is the missing acts, as far as I can tell. I can think of four acts that "got through" to Vegas that haven't been seen or heard from since:

  • Narcissister (did the adults-only themes of most of her acts scare off the producers?)
  • The cheesy couple where the guy sang rock and the woman sang opera and they sang the song from Titanic (they got through, right?)
  • The stripper woman who got through when Piers was stuck and only Sharon and Howie were voting
  • And my secret, inside knowledge - the veteran who sang his heart out at a certain city's audition who impressed the audience and the judges, but who wasn't ever even on TV
So I wonder what happened behind the scenes.
ETA: Ah, Wikipedia to the rescue - there's actually a long list of missing acts that dropped out for "personal" reasons over there - and reading it, I'm EXTRA sad about a few of them. Ah well.

I also don't understand why they haven't mentioned that a Russian board-jumping group (or whatever it's called - it's amazing) has been on before but was cut because the woman got hurt. (OK, I do understand, I just wanted continuity!) There's definitely a consistent theme on this show - cute kids doing things, animals, dance crews, a solo dancer (Snap Boogie - who I adore - is this year's HasPop), at least one female singer (LOVE HER this season by the way), and a few guys with guitars and possibly pianos. So yeah, formulaic. But I'm hooked. 

My favorites don't have names yet because I haven't paid enough attention. I love the Justin-Bieber-hair girl, the Sinatra-singing dude, the boy who told everyone to "kiss my fat ass" a la Tyra, the magicians (always love them), the opera-singing woman, and....a few others. Last night the show was great but my favorites weren't on. (I was rooting for the Fiddleheads though, and I feel bad for them.)

So yeah. I'll be watching and possibly blogging about this season again. Love!

PS Guess what Wikipedia taught me? "Untelevised producers' auditions were also held in Denver and Chicago." Oh I see... (Who came from those though?)

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