Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yard Sales in Connecticut - June 26, 2011

While I was on my vacation (visiting family and friends), I managed to sneak away from the husband and kid and hit a few yard sales near my friend's house. It was more about us having a minute to chat than the shopping experience - really! - but I did score a few fun things.

$1 each - I haven't seen Lars or Corpse Bride yet, I loved Enchanted, couldn't resist.

My kid is much too old now for NCSS, but it's an amazing book and it was only a dollar so... The book beneath has these gorgeous cut-out images and is about colors. I paid a quarter. Not shown (will update when I find it - I put it...somewhere), a Japanese/English picture book/dictionary that I also got for a quarter.

Impossible-to-photograph ring holder that I may use to display my rings if I table at any of the local shows. A quarter. And it has a fish in the base. Mostly it's ridiculous.

Flowy skirt that actually fits. Part of 3-for-$1 clothes haul...

...and this...

...and booty shorts that I don't think I'll actually be wearing (but they sort of fit).

SCORE OF THE DAY. So here's my story - a billion years ago, when Beanie Babies were just cute little random stuffed animals, before they were "worth" anything, my friend and I were shopping and we saw a bunch in a basket. She bought me the spider (which wound up being worth money, apparently, I guess) but I had also wanted the stingray and figured I'd go back and get it sometime. By the time I got around to looking for it, the whole OMG BEANIES crap had exploded and the stingray was selling for far too much money. Cut to now, when Beanies are just toys again, and I found my stingray in a bin at a yard sale for $3. I love him. The end.

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