Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shopping and Saving and Sunshine - February 27, 2011

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It is an absolutely gorgeous 71-degree day here in Georgia. We just got back from running a few errands, including picking up eggs from my friend and her backyard chickens (I'm spoiled - eggs from the grocery store, no matter how organic-free-range-happy-chickeny they claim to be, just don't taste as good now). The kid is napping so I figured I'd jot down some notes on the shopping trips of the day.

  • I'm still not a fan of Kroger. Publix absolutely has lower everyday prices on the things I buy regularly - everything from Laughing Cow cheese and Vitatops to bread and milk. But as I'd noted earlier, I won a $20 Kroger gift card on Facebook and then my dad won another $20 Kroger gift card at a convention and gave it to me. I had spent part of the first card already to buy the Sunday paper, some white vinegar (I use it as fabric softener), and some other small things, leaving me with about $30 total between the two cards. So back we went today since our pantry and fridge were both kind of bare.
  • I spent around $30 out of pocket in the end, after gift cards and coupons. Notable purchases included five packs of cat treats for completely free and two boxes of "garden" pasta for 29 cents each. Nothing amazing, though the cats do eat far more treats than they should so I'm always looking for cheap/free ones. Note: My cats turn their nose up at anything remotely healthy when it comes to treats. Their food is on the higher end, and I sometimes buy them Wellness or Nutro wet food. But treats have to be of the Doritos and Cheetos variety. Silly cats.
  • We also went to Big Lots. I was there about a week ago and had seen but not purchased some boxes of Brew-Over-Ice K-cups. At the time, there were a few different varieties, and most were 16 cup boxes for $7, which is good but not amazing for soon-to-expire coffee. However, that day there also were a few that were very close to their expiration date marked down to $3.50. I didn't buy any and then was mad at myself for not grabbing some. So today I was disappointed to find only one variety was on the shelf - Nantucket Brew Over Ice (which is really double-strength coffee, and I like the Nantucket blend) - but it was marked down to $2 a box. I grabbed three boxes. They expire in about a week, but K-cups are individually sealed packets of coffee, and I adulterate my coffee with lots of (almond) milk and sugar, plus they'll be made over ice, so I really don't care. I've enjoyed K-cups that were expired before, and I couldn't turn down such a steal. I'll be keeping my eye out for more K-cups in the future. And I LOVE iced coffee.
  • That was all I was supposed to buy at Big Lots, but I swung by the book pile as I was walking out. All books were marked down to $2 - that's cheaper than at Goodwill - so I bought a book about Neil Gaiman for a friend and A Lion Among Men by Gregory Maguire for me. And then we randomly walked down an aisle (chosen by the kid - smart cookie, she is) and found a Backyardigans potty seat for really cheap as well. She's obsessed with the Backyardigans and she's, as I mentioned before, potty training herself. Perfection. She even used it a bit later at egg-friend's house. YES.
So now I'm enjoying an iced coffee (with a splash of Torani caramel syrup in it), relaxing, and wondering what we'll do when she wakes up....

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