Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Random Roundup - February 18, 2011

  • I have the new Radiohead. YAY.
  • I also am liking the new Adele (what I've heard of it) and the new PJ Harvey (ditto). I cannot WAIT for the new Lamb.
  • I've decided to keep track of what I get with the $20 Kroger gift card I won on Facebook - thus far, I got one double Sunday paper (coupons!), 1 jug of white vinegar (I use it for laundry, and it was on sale), and 2 containers of shelf-stable unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze (on sale + coupon - and I use it daily). Meanwhile, my dad just won and then gave me another $20 gift card. Yay.
  • However, I had a terrible experience at my local Kroger (this is not unusual, sadly). They change their minds about their coupon policy from day to day, person to person. On Wednesday, the new rule was no Internet coupons at all. Except if they're printed from the website. Except never. Depended on the person. All I wanted to do was use one coupon for 50 cents off a bottle of "Honest Tea." Not even something I needed; I was going to buy it as a treat with my packed lunch. You would've thought I had a coupon that said "Give this lady $5,000 worth of free groceries" the way the manager treated me and the way he read EVERY WORD on the coupon, all while ignoring my questions. I called corporate and was told the policy changes from store to store. I not only think this is ridiculous but also wonder why a mere few months ago I was emailed the CORPORATE COUPON POLICY for my region. Figure it out, Kroger. 
  • Yesterday I had an epic outing with my daughter, a friend, and my friend's daughter. We not only had a great time at the Atlanta children's museum, but we also had a picnic, went to Ikea AND went to Trader Joe's. The meltdowns were few and minor. It was grand. 
  • And thanks to that pleasant Ikea trip, I now I own Produkt, which is a $2.99 milk frother. It may change my life. (It was $1.99 a few months ago, I swear. But $3 for a milk frother is still amazing.) I also got an ice cube tray that makes little flowers (for my iced coffee), a laundry basket (since we tend to just toss my daughter's dirty clothes in a corner), and a tiny stuffed moose. 
  • Also thanks to yesterday...I'm going on a diet. For real. Committed. Yes. I saw a picture of myself and was very unhappy. I'm thinking of joining Weight Watchers - there are a few meetings nearby. Sparkpeople, which I love, isn't doing enough for me. I need accountability.
  • Another new favorite thing - roasted wasabi-flavored seaweed in little single-serve packs. It's about 40 cents a pack at YDFM and I plan on stocking up for the summer.
  • The summer. It's almost the summer. It's 70 degrees here and looks like that will hold for a few more weeks. I expect one more cold snap and then 90 degrees for months.
  • We survived a week without preschool. 
  • I'm still reading The False Friend by Myla Goldberg. I need to take more time out of my day to read read read because I have a giant "to read" pile going on right now. I think I'll probably write out a review of The False Friend though - because it's fascinating and good.
  • I'm looking for paid writing gigs. But who isn't, these days? 
  • I have an Etsy store - check it out in my sidebar, and then go buy things. I also love doing custom work. 1" pinback buttons make great giveaways for indie businesses - they get your name and logo out there and customers love freebies.
  • I am sure I had more to say on this lovely Friday but I've run out of steam for now.


  1. Oh, I will look for that Myla Goldberg book. I loved Bee Season so much. One of the few books I've read multiple times as an adult. I could never get into Wickett's Remedy, though. Maybe I should try again.

  2. I peeked at Wickett's Remedy a few times but it didn't appeal to me even though I loved Bee Season too. This book is a slow burner but the story is really fascinating me. I should try and finish it tonight...