Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why I Haven't Updated - January 13, 2011

Because I live in Georgia and the snow and ice have stopped time, more or less. I haven't gotten mail delivery since Saturday, I left the house for the first time yesterday (to go about a mile away for lunch) and I'm stuck with a special-needs child who is frustrated that she can't go to the swings (she keeps bringing me the pictures of swings and the playground).

The contest is going swimmingly though - please continue to enter and tweet about it and win yourself one of three Solofill reusable/refillable filters for your Keurig brewer. (I love my Solofill!)

Hopefully soon I'll have a book review (though right now I'm reading a rather trashy book that probably doesn't deserve a whole blog post) or something interesting to tell you about.

In the meantime, I've added some new referral links to the right side of the blog (like Shop At Home, which gives you cash back when you buy stuff online) and some new blogs to the blogroll on the left. You also could sign up for Shop It To Me through my blog so that you get really nifty emails about sale clothing in sizes you actually would buy (and that's an referral link too, yes). I like saying blog. BLOGGGGGGGG.

I'm sorry. The snow and ice have destroyed my brain cells. Check a blog from the blogroll (BLOG!) if you want something meatier than this vegetarian can provide right now.

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