Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Housekeeping - January 26, 2011

Not actual housekeeping, mind you. I'm terrible at that. I hate when I do online surveys and they say "choose your occupation" and then "homemaker" is a choice and I think, well, I don't really do that...and I'm a freelancer, so unemployed is wrong, but self-employed isn't entirely correct either and...I'm sorry, where was I?

I feel like I should update. That's the burden of having a blog, I guess. I need to update so I keep people reading. I got a lot of great traffic and some lovely replies to my post about what not to say to me - me as the parent of a special needs kid, but me, when it comes down to it. I've been working on things like that for a long time and I may start releasing them over time. Releasing is a good word for it because I've always hoarded my writing - something that does nobody any good.

A note - just because you follow my blog, you happen to have a blog, and maybe you found me from some sort of "get to know you" type thing, does not mean I am going to follow you back. I read blogs I like. I don't care if the blog writer follows me or even knows of my existence. I hope that if someone is following me in some manner, it's because s/he wants to read my blather. (By the way, I use Livejournal's feed reader, so there's not an actual record of my "follow" anyway, but my blogroll is a great way to see the types of things I like.)

I haven't been reading as much as I want to, book-wise. I need to rectify that and quickly. If any e-reader company wants to show me how awesome its e-reader is (and maybe send me two, so I can keep one and give away one) then go right ahead. At the moment I can't imagine needing nor wanting one (all my friends and relatives have and love various types) but hey, I'm game. HINT HINT HINT.

If you thought my blog was always going to be deep, profound, or important, then I apologize!

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  1. Write away, chica! And don't apologize for what you want to write about!

    btw - saw your post about maybe not being ready to write about certain things. From being the sister and aunt of special needs kids, I can say I think the world would benefit from more openness.