Sunday, January 16, 2011

Let's Talk about Freebies - January 16, 2011

Don't forget that my contest to win a Solofill reusable filter for your Keurig brewer is still going - it ends Friday!

I've been able to score a bunch of freebies at stores, I've won a contest, and I cashed in some MyPoints, so I wanted to make a note of it. My goal with this blog is not to give you the heads up on deals - there are plenty that cover that (including many in my blogroll!) - but to talk about the deals I got, both to keep track for myself (selfish! ha!) and to inspire you. I don't have a ton of extra time (right now I'm writing this blog post while my daughter works with her speech therapist) nor a lot of patience - I'll never be on Extreme Couponing nor will I ever have an entire floor of my house devoted to a stockpile - but I do love to get a deal!

  • Best deals first - I won a Melitta One: Single Cup Coffee Pod Brewer and a box of pods from American Coffee Services!  So fun! They have great prices on single-serve coffee pods/K-cups/T-discs, etc., so check them out!
  • I saved up enough points from to earn a $50 Amazon gift card. (If you'd like a referral to the site, which would give me some bonus points, leave your email address in a comment on this post. However, you can also join without a referral, so go for it!)
  • I won another few $5 Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks. I really like the new Food videos on the site, actually, and watching them has boosted my bucks a ton.
  • I scored two bags of Hartz Crunch N'Clean cat treats at Target for free. They were on sale ( this the everyday price?) for $1.49 and I had two coupons for $1.50 off. I learned about this deal from by the way - that's one of my favorite sites for the quick-and-dirty best deals. I also got two giant canisters of oatmeal for 4 cents each (plus I got 5 cents back for using my own bag so...6 cents for 96 ounces of oatmeal - and I love oatmeal!)
  • I scored an adorable tree-shaped tent for my daughter's bedroom for $20 - $10 off of the regular price - because I found it hidden on a clearance rack on the perimeter of the Target store.
  • I got a free bottle of Sierra Mist Naturals soda from Target because the last time I was there a coupon printed out for a free bottle with no extra purchase required. A nice treat, and I like that this soda uses sugar and not HFCS or artificial junk.
  • I got four bags of Friskies cat treats for free from Kroger with a coupon that came out in November and that expires today. The treats are on sale for $1 per bag (a great deal already) and the coupon was $2/2.
However, I also bought the double paper today (the early and late editions bundled together for $3 instead of $4) and one was missing some coupons. (I emailed the paper; last time this happened, they mailed me the coupons. It's annoying though.) And the bedding we bought my daughter at Target last night is on sale today (of course) (but I may go back and get my refund if I have time). And I dropped off empty ink cartridges at Staples last week and then I found out that Office Depot is giving $5 per cartridge instead of the $3 I'll get from Staples. Ah well. I can't win them all! (I did get a box of 18 K-cups at Office Depot for $6 by using a 40% off coupon - yay!)

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