Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Few Thrifted Finds - August 10, 2016

Oh sweet, dear, neglected blog, I am so sorry I haven't been around.

I am actually working on creating a Big Grown Up Type Blog with actual open-hearted posts and a design that isn't just a basic template and all that jazz.

But in the meantime, at least I have a place to keep a catalog of the things I buy at thrift stores, yes? Yes.

I hadn't been in a while - not since the last blog post - and I am trying really hard to only buy useful pieces that I will really wear. Thus I did NOT buy the beautiful cocktail dress. It was so satiny and lovely, with a little puff at the bottom. It was strapless. It....did not zip up in the back. "Why do you even need this?" asked Amy. "To wear to school pickup," I replied.

Here's the handful of things I did buy:

Favorite find, right up front, won't make you wait. I love a good furry collar. This is warm, soft, squishy, and will be great when it's fall in Georgia in....December. I think it was $2.50?

Just look at that fuzz!

Plain black T-shirt with foofy bit on the front, impossible to photograph. Will look great under a blazer. $2?

Plain and basic pink T-shirt. $2?

LOVE this skirt. LOVE IT. It's got a touch of wool in it but LOOKS like wool (yet washable). It's very school girl cuteness. Very me in the 90s, actually. Will look great with my boots and tights. $2?

Shorts for the kid for either now or next summer, depending on what fits. Gap! $1.25.

Cherokee jeans that also may fit her now or later, not sure, haven't tried yet. $1.25.

Suuuuuupppperrrrr cute elephant shirt for her to wear with leggings. She says she likes it, win! $1.25.
Short and sweet, TYFYT.

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