Friday, May 20, 2016

Thrifting post thrifting post thrifting pooooooost!

I almost forgot to post all of my thrifted goodies this time.

I mean, don't be sad, I obviously remembered!

Today is Friday but I went thrifting on Wednesday at my favorite little charity shop. I didn't want to buy or spend a lot, and I stuck to that. When I was in the fitting room, I did a lot of "Does this actually spark joy?" and "It's cute but if it was full price, would I really buy it or am I just being suckered into buying something ill-fitting that will hang in my closet forever just because it's $2?" and you'll see that it worked - I put back a cute dress that didn't hang right, a ridiculous short skirt, and several other items that just were not-quite-right. Instead I focused on buying my kid clothes.

I bought three things for me. The skirt was $2, the shirts were $1.50 I think. (I've misplaced the receipt but do you really care?)

Black squishy skirt like so many before it, but SHORTER. Super comfy.

Plaid shirt intended to be over a tank top, knotted jauntily, as if I understand fashion.

I LOVE this shirt and have actually already worn it out. It has a lovely cowl neck and makes me feel dressed up even though it's just a t-shirt. It's Banana Republic. It's a weensy bit short but works with the right pants (or skirt?).
Then the rest is stuff for the kid. Everything was either 75 cents or $1.25, depending on size and also, apparently, the mood of the cashier....

Pretty sure this skirt was brand new and never worn. And kid actually doesn't really wear skirts. But it was just so perfect and pretty and I couldn't leave it behind. I just sold a TON of her clothes at a consignment sale and have room in her closet for the "someday" stuff again so I gave in. Or maybe I'll resell it. Not sure. Children's Place. Adorable.

Circo shorts in the same size as the OTHER Circo shorts we bought new at Target this season. Husband isn't sure about the length, I thought they weren't too bad for a hot day. She hasn't tried them on yet though....

Another "someday" purchase - Old Navy jeans in a size that probably fits other kids her age but won't fit her for eons. They still have the pull tabs inside though so maybe soon.

Sparkly Crazy 8 t-shirt that she proclaimed she loves already.

Children's Place shirt, also too cute to leave behind, will be for fall.

Basic Circo shirt but hey, sparkly heart! Cute!

Gymboree hoodie in great condition, fits her, will be a nice summer jacket for camp.

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