Saturday, August 22, 2015

Late August Thrifting Haul - August 22, 2015

What a weird month this has been. What a weird summer.

Yesterday I did a quick thrifting trip with Amy and only hit one store - my favorite store. Over time, I've started to develop a gut feeling about how that store will work out, and yesterday I was feeling that there wasn't going to be much I would buy. And I was right. I mean, my closet is now bursting and I'm working on paring down, donating, selling, etc. so that's totally fine, but I do need more fall clothing. I'm also (still) on the job hunt, so any "nicer" clothing is always a great addition to my closet just in case, as I live in jeans 99% of the time.

I tried on pretty much every pair of pants in the store in my size (or what I thought was my size - it's always fascinating to see the wide range of what a certain number means depending on the fabric and style and, most importantly, the brand) because there were a lot. Often the pants section is full of very outdated, very unfortunate specimens with crazy high waists (I do believe that's coming back in style though) or lots and lots of polyester. This time there were great brands and styles. And....not much fit in the way I wanted it to. But I did find some gems.

And I also walked away with one of my favorite finds in a while. I'll save that for last.

Pants are hard to take nice pictures of....

These are squishy loungey Aeropostale shorts. $1.50

Levi's! In the style number that I wore pre-weight-loss but my current size. I still love them. $2.50
Bonus: They have pretty funky back pockets.

Really nice and a little bit shiny-silvery Express pants. They need to be hemmed because they're too long. I'm thinking of using duct tape. Why not? OK OK OK I mean....using that stuff you iron. #nosew $1.50

These are identical pairs of cargo pants with just a slight color variation - one more brown, one more camel. They're Sonoma, they fit nicely, and hey, they're not jeans! $1.50/each.

FAAAAAAVORITE. These are nearly mint condition vintage-style Kangaroos in my size! For $2.50! AND THEY FIT! (I didn't try them on in the store - I figured it was worth it to take a chance.) They have the cute little zipper pocket and everything. And really, I tend to avoid shoes unless they're perfect - these are perfect. I can tell they were worn once or twice, but everything about them is clean and crisp and fantastic. I cannot wait for the weather to cool off a bit so I can wear them!

And that's it!

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