Wednesday, July 1, 2015

End of June Thrifting! - July 1, 2015

The fact is, I've been pretty down lately. A job hunt, behavioral issues popping up in the kid, worries about all aspects of my life. I asked Amy if she wanted to go to the movies, hooray! (spoiler alert: we saw Inside Out and it was awesome.) But when we met up, she first slipped me a $20 in an adorable card and told me to have fun at the thrift store. I cried, I won't lie.

So off we went to my favorite store. I didn't buy a lot (I didn't even spend the whole $20) but I'm pretty happy with what I did buy. (Not shown, a basic pair of shorts for the kid.) I think everything was $2 each - the jeans might've been $2.50 each.

Apparently this is a brand sold in Anthropologie. It's "Tulle." I liked the vintagey look to this top and the way it fit. It's a bit low cut but...
Amy said "Hey, I found this tank top with a built-in bra - get this and it will go with the shirt." So voila, I bought both. I actually haven't tried this on yet but I loved it - and it's Express and looks brand new!
I have several Old Navy shirts in this style, with the buttons going up and around the neckline. Cute cute. UPDATE: When I wore it out and about, I discovered that it has A HOLE. A teeny hole that probably nobody will notice, so I'll continue to wear it in certain instances but ARGH A HOLE COME ON.

Nice basic Gap T-shirt with some funky shoulder/back detailing.
This is Faded Glory. That's K-mart, right? That amuses me greatly because I grew up in the era of K-mart being so terrible and now here I am going "Oooo this is so cute."
And finally, two pairs of skinny jeans - Aeropostale and Gap. Both are short which means they won't bunch up when I tuck them into boots this fall.

See, not much, but enough to give me a little boost. And the movie was great - and the matinee price was only $5.25 and they actually had popcorn and candy for $2/each (but I snuck in candy from Dollar Tree and an iced tea (spearmint and honey!) that I'd bought using Ibotta (referral link!) to get it for way cheap). I'd absolutely go see another movie in a theater for those prices!

My kid is around the corner from turning EIGHT. EIGHT. So I'm sure I'll have a post about all those feelings coming up soon.

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