Saturday, February 2, 2013

Thrifting post with terrible pictures - February 2, 2013

I currently am under contract for a really nice freelance gig, but it requires me to work somewhat regular hours, so I don't have the free time I usually do when I make my own hours/work evenings and weekends. Yesterday I left immediately after I finished up my day to hang out with my thrifty friend. We went into three stores total - my favorite tiny indie store, my second-favorite large-ish indie store, and one Goodwill (at which I bought....NOTHING....).

When we got back to her house, my daughter pulled everything out of the bags and then my friend folded each piece beautifully and lovingly. I got home and realized I couldn't remember which piece of clothing came from where (not that anyone really cares, but I like to keep track because I'm ridiculous that way!) so I'm going to just guess. Also as you will see I unfolded everything and made a giant mess. Plus I Photoshopped some of these pictures and left some alone. Forgive me. Just enjoy the general idea of Thrifting Is Fun, OK?

First, the kid clothes. Everything below was either 50 cents or 70 cents.

Matching thermal shirts.

Gymboree top. I forget the leggings brand. They don't necessarily go together but it made for an easier picture.

These capris sparkle. They're really cute. I hope they fit her!

Technically a Gymboree pajama top but I might see if the kid will wear it during the day. Either way, adorable.

Long sleeved, short sleeved.

I adore both of these shirts.

This one's a bit big but she's also growing really fast...
And now for what Mama got.

Another running skirt for about a dollar. It's by Avia and it looks brand new.

Plain, boring brown shirt for days when all I want is a plain, boring brown shirt. I think this was $2?

Super cute, super soft T-shirt. $1.50.

Back of shirt.

I bought this shirt (for $1.50) because it had a cute design (and a squirrel that you can't really see). I looked it up because it seemed kind of fancy. It's by a brand named Lucy and is worth about $35. So it cost more new than every single thing I bought yesterday. I love thrifting so hard.

Basic brown capris.

Jamba Juice shirt. I don't even remember if I've ever been to a Jamba Juice, and I don't know if this shirt is for employees or for buying or what. But it's cute and it fit. $1.50, maybe?

Express top. $2-ish. Update: After I washed it, I was folding it to put it away and saw what I missed when I bought it - a hole on the back. A hole large enough that it would be rather obvious if I wore it out and about. I threw it away. Dear everyone who donates to a thrift store: If there is a hole or a stain, please don't donate it. Freecycle it if you must, but don't get someone to pay for something that is unwearable. That's just rude. Thanks.

Terrible awful non-flattering picture of a really lovely Ann Taylor Loft dress (from before Loft was just Loft). I think this was $4-ish. I folded it up in the picture, but it's actually a really long skirt.

Ridiculous ringer shirt event or something? I have no idea, but I liked how it fit. $1.50.

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