Monday, February 11, 2013

Contest: Win two coupons for a free Dry Idea product!

Sometimes I get to try new products and talk about them, and I always think that's fun. This time I was invited to try out Dry Idea AdvancedDry Fresh brand deodorant and antiperspirant. All opinions are mine and I didn't get any payment for this post other than a free bottle of the deodorant and the coupons to give away. They can't make me say anything neener neener.

My review: I like that it lasts for 72 hours and I think it's really interesting that it has this "pulse activated" system to keep you from being all sweaty and disgusting. Plus it smells good - a clean, green-ish scent. I have used it and it works as promised. On the downside, I really don't like roll-on/liquid deodorants because you have to wait for them to dry on your skin (annoying and time consuming) although they probably work better than solids/sticks.

I'll definitely continue to use the freebie they sent me, and if it's on sale in the future I might consider it, but I'll probably stick to sticks. Not much else to say here, honestly (and really, do you want to hear all about my sweat? no, you do not).

So on to the good stuff - do you want to win two coupons for one free Dry Idea roll-on, gel, or aerosol product? SURE YOU DO!
Contest runs from February 11, 2013, through February 22, 2013. US addresses only please. Winner will receive two coupons for one free Dry Idea product. Enjoy!

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