Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thing Review: Clearly Fresh Bags - February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

Clearly Fresh Bags approached me out of the blue and offered to send me a sample of their product to try. I received no additional compensation for the following post and all opinions are (pretty obviously) my own.

Clearly Fresh Bags are large (12" x 14"/one gallon) plastic bags that are intended to keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer. They have a little membrane thingie on the side - the broccoli slaw I buy has the same thing, actually - that the company calls the "BreatheWay membrane." It helps with the flow of air and moisture. You can clip it out and put the bags in the recycle bin, which is nice. I've been reusing the bags when I can for things like bananas and apples - things that don't get the membrane wet - one or two extra times.

What I liked:

  • The large size meant I could fit a full head of broccoli or two bags of broccoli slaw or a giant bunch of bananas.
  • They did seem to keep things fresh.
  • They only cost $3.99 for a pack of ten, which seems reasonable and appears to include shipping.
What I didn't like:
  • The bags have a single zippery bit. It's a pain to reclose, it's a pain to open. I wish they instead had a multi-level zippery bit (I'm so technical! But this is just so thin and hard to match up and close that it always gaps open and I gave up after a while.) or an actual zipper with an outside plastic piece. Or some other solution. As they are now...giant pain.
  • The bags fill with condensation. I know this is a feature, not a bug, but I didn't like it.
  • You have to squish the air out of the bag each time.
  • I don't know that these keep things fresher for a longer enough time than regular, less expensive bags to make them worthwhile for me.
Basically, these would be good for things you bought at the grocery store that you wanted to store once. They're not as good, in my opinion, for things you want to access over and over. I put apples in there and after opening/closing twice, I gave up. I put bananas in there. Same thing. But I put my opened bag of broccoli slaw in there and I think that worked well - kept the slaw fresher longer in the original bag that isn't resealable and I didn't have to open/close that often or it wasn't a big deal because I'd pulled the entire bag out of the fridge to use in a recipe.

Would I buy these again? I don't think so. If you're concerned about keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh, if you buy in bulk, or if you tend to not go through your fruits and vegetables as quickly as you'd like, then these might be worth checking out. 


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