Monday, February 6, 2012

OK, you can meet her - February 6, 2012

In this new honesty and openness, I've still hesitated to do one thing.

Share pictures and video of my kid.

It still feels like it's an invasion of her privacy in a lot of ways. But she's also such a ham, such a social kid, and she's just so adorable...and I just want to.

We made this short video yesterday (yeah yeah, save your sports heckling for another blog please) so I am sharing it. For now. Until I get freaked out about it and take it down again. I think it's a good demonstration of how her speech and language is progressing. Also, cute. Cute!

So now you've met me and you've met my girl. What shenanigans will I get up to next on this wee little blog?


  1. She's precious, Marla! I can't believe how she's grown. <3

  2. Firstly Lily asked if that was her (she thinks every little girl on video is her, narcissist complex obviously), then when I told her it was Ruby she waved and blew kisses back. <3