Thursday, November 17, 2011

Monthly Thrifting Updatey Post - November 17, 2011

It seems like lately I've been able to go thrifting about once a month. I also just donated a GIANT PILE of clothes, books, and baby gear to Goodwill, so I'm trying to get better about things going out as things come in. Also, as I've noted, I've been losing weight, so I actually needed new clothes.

The pictures in this entry are craptastic. I knew when I was taking them that they were bad, but when I uploaded them I could tell they were worse. I'm sorry. This is really just for my own inventory purposes anyway...but enjoy?

We made it to four stores on this trip. The best thing I got was at the fourth store and I don't have a picture so I shall describe it. It is an old-style Little Tikes yellow plastic shopping cart. Old style is critical because it can hold weights inside it so that my daughter can use it to practice walking. Her PT has one and we've been looking around for one for a while - I was borrowing a friend's temporarily, but I seriously squealed when I spied this one across the store. And for the record, the store supported a charity I am not down with. At all. But that's a political issue and this is a lighthearted post, so I will just say I paid $3 for it and was happy.

Now for pictures. First was the BESTEST STORE EVER aka the Humane Society Thrift Store. Wonderful people, puppies, amazing clothing, and the cheapest prices around. It's good I don't live close to this one or I'd shop hourly. And my friend paid for everything I got as a surprise birthday present...
Look, it's me. Pasty pasty pasty me. I'm not usually this pasty. But now you get to see the person behind the blog. The trench coat is a size smaller than I've been wearing and it makes me look delightfully thin. It is London Fog and it was a mere $3. That tiny tag on the belt is a dry cleaning tag. I'm guessing the store gets great stuff in part from one or more dry cleaners sharing unclaimed goodness. (Most of my images are click-for-larger types, but I disabled that on this one.

Cute flowery top. $1. Cat tail, free.

I don't usually like turtlenecks, but this one kind of gave me a hipster vibe and I did like the color scheme. $1.
See what I mean about crappy pictures? Cat tails and bad lighting and...sorry. This shirt is a lovely teal and is a tiny bit big on me, but I haven't worn button-down shirts in a while so I got it. $1.
The culprit.
Another cute button down that I photographed poorly. This one fits better than the other. $1.
Dockers - because until I bought these, I owned no other pants but blue jeans. $1.
Ladies and Gentlemen, these Levi's 505s are a full size SMALLER than what I have been wearing. Hooray! $1.

Three tops for the kid - this last one is a very cute sweater/dress/top. They were 50 cents each.

I just love the breastfeeding-centric comics in this series. 50 cents.

Then we went to another little out of the way store. I didn't get much...

I'm not particularly a football fan, but this was cute and fit nicely. $3.
Basic Gap thermal shirt. $3.
And then we went to Goodwill, where I got the most random things of all...

I stopped buying mugs long ago but this one was just so fabulous for so many reasons. It's in perfect, pristine shape. The design is adorable. The size is perfect for coffee. My kid's name is on it. And I've been to Chattanooga so many times without going to the Falls that I just had to get this. 99 cents.
I've wanted to read this for a while - read and then rethrift, I'm sure. $1.50.
Another age-inappropriate shirt for me - I think it will fit. $2.92.
Amazing find although you can't really tell from the picture. It's a glass jar that is sort of penny-candy-ish. I plan to use it to display my wares at my next craft show. $2.92.
Quality over quantity this time. I just have to get everything into the washing machine tomorrow so I can start wearing it...

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