Thursday, August 11, 2011

Epic thrifting day - August 11, 2011

Oh man. I had an EPIC thrifting day yesterday. This post sponsored by preschool is back in session and four fabulous thrift stores (including two indies).

I do apologize if you read my blog in a feed reader and have to do a bit of scrolling.

Let us start with the Humane Society thrift store and my number one score of the entire day:

My cats are very interested in this...

Oh, it's a $70 LL Bean barn coat for $3. Yessssss.

All of the kids clothing was 50 cents:

(Birthday shirt is for next year.)

Because she can't walk unassisted yet, the kid doesn't/can't wear skirts most of the time. But I think she'll be able to by the time this fits - it's Baby Gap and sooooo cute. Thinking ahead, thinking positive!

Tiny onesie to stencil and paint.

$1 each - the Thrashers shirt is huge and is for my husband. RIP Thrashers, we already miss you.

I think these were either 50 cents or a dollar each. I screamed about the Henrietta Lacks book (been dying to read it). The hockey book is for my husband. Christopher Moore rules (LOVED Lamb). And, well, Backyardigans.

Not shown - the Humane Society had gotten a massive donation of cat treats from a major brand. They were asking for a $2 donation per "strip" (the treats were hanging on strips). Each strip had 12 bags. Each bag usually costs $1.30 or more. I bought 3 strips. YESSSSSS. Happycats.

Next store is also independent and therefore crazycheap:

Levis and Old Navy jeans for me. $3 a pair. One pair a bit too big, one pair a tiny bit too small. It will be OK soon, I hope.

$3 comfy Lee shorts. Big, but they fit. Good for wearing around the house, I think.

$3 shirt for me, $1 shirt for my kid.

50 cents each. The breastfeeding book is for a pregnant friend (I have my own copy), and I may either give or lend her the Goer book as well (it's a classic!).

Random cup! 50 cents, reusable ceramic travel mug. It didn't look like it had ever been used. It may replace my metal and plastic travel mugs.

Tired yet? Don't be - there's more! Next we went to Value Village:

Kid clothes first - tags in the pictures tell the prices, but almost everything was $1.29 or $2.29. Something was half price, but I am not sure what.

(I am in love with that green shirt.)

Mr. Owl is pajamas, but I don't think my kid will care.

The pink pants kind of remind me of maternity pants. Is that weird? That's weird. I take it back. The jeans were OMG PRICEY at $3.29, but they also are Old Navy and will fit her now.

Department-store Kohls brand shirt. (I swear I saw this brand at Nordstrom, but apparently I was mistaken and it's a Kohls brand. Still cute.)

And shirts for me:


Detail of back. This shirt is SO soft and so cute - and not a fakey fake, it's a real place (and the shirt costs $22 from them). Oh, and when I just now Googled it, I found out that apparently it's someone from Cake Boss? (I don't watch it but yay?)

Love the book, have scandalously never seen the musical but couldn't resist.


Goodwill. $1.50 each. No Biting...kind of essential right now. Ahem.

And this was from a random dash into Goodwill earlier in the week

Gymboree, about $3. Too big for my kid and they have a tiny marker spot (that didn't come out with two different spot-treatments, ah well) but so pretty/cute.

Oh and these thrifted gifts from my friend:

Thanks for looking! You're fabulous! You're gorgeous! You're wonderful!

PS We also went into Big Lots. I got a birthday present for a friend's kid, some orzo ($1! Yum!) and some Purell. Not nearly as exciting as all of the above.

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